What Is MWT?

Sunport is the first and still the only manufacturing enterprise around the world to incorporate the breakthrough Metal Wrap Through technology, MWT for short, and realizes mass production of MWT technology.

MWT Technology

MWT( Metal Wrap Through) is a newly developed back contact cell technology. It provides a new cell structure that eliminates electrodes on the front and maximizes the utilization of light and enhances reliability. MWT Back Contact cells converge the electrodes from the front to the rear side using conductive paste. This innovative design features with no bus-bar and no ribbon at the front.

Mono MWT Cell

Poly MWT Cell

Technical Features

Improved Usage of Light

3% less shadow and better usage of sunlight due to busbar-free and no-ribbon

MWT Solar Module

Glass-Ribbon Product

Improved Absorption of Electrodes

36 paths on each MWT solar cell to effectively transport the electrodes

MWT Solar Module

Conventional Bus-bar Product

Better Response to Shading, Cracks and Breakage

Each MWT solar cell works by itself. When shading, crack or interconnect breakage occurs to one cell, the other cells remain working and not affected.


MWT Solar Module

Conventional String-linked Cells

Solid Copper Sheet •Massive Protection

45.3% of cell failures are caused by corrosion. We use thick copper conductive sheet, which is almost impervious to corrosion and strengthens massive protection to cells and meanwhile maintain cell temperature low.


3% less shading
area on the cell

Improve module efficiency
by 5%, higher yield on
the same superficial area

More energy
output in hot

Certified for ammonia
resistance and salt-mist corrosion
to the maximum severity
level 6

Certified for
Anti-PID under
85°C / 85%RH
for 288 hours

Low degradation,
82% of the Initial
effective output
at the 30th year

Superior Warranty

We improved the initial degradation of the 1st year from -3.5% to -2% and reduce the annual degradation rate from -0.6%/year to -0.55%/year. Thereafter, we’re proud to provide you a superior warranty.

Product warranty

12 years

Performance warranty

30 years

Double insured by and

Quality Control

Sunport has received certifications for Quality Management System (ISO
9001:2015), Environment Management System (ISO 14001:2015) and Occupational
Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001:2007) from UK NQA.

In SUNPORT we select only the highest quality materials and components to meet
with the triple IEC standards on our modules.

Smart Manufacturing

Our German made automated production lines are customized per MWT tech
requirements to ensure each and every module is of highest performance.


MWT is BEYOND a technology but more of
a platform that combines with other new routes like PERC, HJT, N-type……
It also works with technologies that impossible to applied by traditional panels,
such like thin wafer, fingerless, bulk passivation and etc.,
which provides an effective way to COST-DOWN.
MWT is considered to be
the most PROMISING technology in the next decades.