Sunport Power

Jiangsu Sunport Power Corp., Ltd. was founded in 2012 in China and dedicated to R&D and manufacturing of solar cells and modules based on advanced MWT (Metal Wrap Through) back contact technology, committed to manufacturing of high-efficiency PV cells and modules, providing professional products, services and solutions for customers. Currently Sunport Power operates three manufacturing sites in Nanjing, Wuxi and Xuzhou, and in total five manufacturing factories. With vertically integrated 1.6 GW capacity of solar cells, conductive back sheets and modules, Sunport Power is the only manufacturer on GW-scale for MWT PV module worldwide who has over 300 independent R&D patents, and offers high efficiency module products with top tier quality and reliable performance for all PV applications. We provide Mono / Cast-mono high efficiency MWT products, mainly including four series of products, C for classic modules, S for flexible modules, X for honeycomb modules and D for full-black modules. All products are certified with the most rigorous testing and quality inspection. As the only enterprise in PV industry to provide 30-year power warranty by LLOYD’S & PAIC for single-glass modules, Sunport Power has a wide sales network covering tens of countries and regions all over the world.

First-Manufacturer-on-GW-Scale-for-MWT-PV-Modules (1)

The World's First Manufacturer on GW-Scale for MWT PV Modules

The only Single-glass Module with 30-year Power Warranty worldwide

The Only Single-glass Module with 30-year Power Warranty worldwide


Sunport Power operates three manufacturing sites in Nanjing, Xuzhou and Wuxi, covering solar cells, modules and back sheets. At present, MWT vertically integrated capacity has reached 1.6GW, forming a complete industry chain of high-efficiency MWT PV modules.



There are have five factories with the most advanced equipment for MWT modules, such as the full automatic encapsulation lines, associated wiring lines and laminating machines. The full automatic encapsulation lines were entirely imported from Netherlands and all the inspection equipment for finished products were made in Germany.