High Efficiency

Busbar-free design reduces module shading
Lower module encapsulation cost
Increase module conversion efficiency by 3%-5%

High Reliability

First year degradation less than 1.5% and over 85% output power guaranteed within 30 years
Conductive back sheet’s 2D encapsulation avoids welding stress and micro crack
Metal circuit board brings enhanced vapor-proof protection


More Compatibility

Compatible with PERC、TOPCon、HJT. The route design of the conductive foil can realize the cell interconnection at any position, achieve the best matching between power output and module size. 2D encapsulation better meets the needs for ultra-thin wafer applications

Aesthetic Design

Busbar-free design and recognizable appearance; Unique and graceful finger pattern on the solar cell surface; Customized pattern design available.

Sunport Power PV module

Lead Free

Sunport Power emphasizes eco-friendly PV design, achieving lead-free MWT module by abandoning soldering materials, and helping solve the module recycling issue.

  • Replace conventional soldering with conductive foil, obtaining the only lead-free certification for mass-produced crystalline silicon modules in the industry
  • Lower module recycling costs and reduce environmental damage
Lead Free pv module