High Efficiency

MWT advanced back contact PV technology, avoiding conventional busbar and decreasing shading area by 3 %, thereby with higher conversion efficiency obtained. MWT modules exhibit output power 15 W higher than average industry level under STC condition.

Without busbars, decreasing shading area by 3%
15W Module output higher than industry average

High Reliability

MWT module technology replaces soldering ribbon by conductive back sheet, abandoning strain, micro-crack and resulted power degradation. The 2D encapsulation structure tested under multiple extreme condition, exhibiting high resistance to severe environment. First year degradation less than 2 % and power remaining above 82 % after 30 years.

Superior Warranty Certification

Superior Warranty

The only single-glass module worldwide obtained 30-year power warranty by LLOYD’S & PICC, covering global market.

High ROI

Sunport Power MWT modules have the ability to lower down LCOE and bring better long-term return of investment.

High ROI

Aesthetic Design

Busbar-free design by using the iconic MWT pattern that is unique in the world, graceful finger pattern on the solar cell surface and customized pattern design also available.

Sunport Power PV module

Lead Free

Sunport Power emphasizes eco-friendly PV design, achieving lead-free MWT module by abandoning soldering materials, and helping solve the module recycling issues.

  • MWT technology is the core of the product
  • Lead free environmental protection
  • Reduce enterprise component recovery costs.
Lead Free pv module