Quality Control

In Sunport Power we always select the highest quality materials and components to meet with the Multiple IEC standards for our modules.


Quality System Certification

Sunport Power MWT modules have been certified by TUV, NQA,CQC,CGC,CEC, etc. Experimental data showed Sunport Power high-efficiency back contact modules have excellent performance of high efficiency, high reliability, superior warranty, high ROI, aesthetic design and lead free.

Raw material management

Stringent supplier management
Automatic material filtration and sorting
Manual standard sampling inspection by batch
Constant temperature and humidity storage environment
Supplier Quality Engineering
Incoming-material quality assurance

Production Management

Quality monitoring of the whole production line
Multiple EL tests
Mobile sampling inspection

Factory Inspection

Test results are entered into the database in real time
Simulating open-box testing
Spot check every feedstock batch