Social Responsibility

Sustainable Development

Sunport Power actively promotes intelligent manufacturing, based on information system and big data technology, improving the automation and intelligence of the whole industrial chain of production and manufacturing for higher production efficiency. We have successfully developed overseas market in Japan, EU, Australia, etc and has delivered our products for a number of projects.
Meanwhile, Sunport Power has developed a variety of innovative products, such as copper aluminum conductive back sheet, flexible module, etc, and released a new generation of high-efficiency MWT honeycomb module with higher power output.

Environmental Responsibility

Sunport Power always focused on green manufacturing from raw material selection, production process, waste utilization to energy resource consumption. And we continuously improve energy efficiency for constantly reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions during production and commercial operations.
Sunport Power emphasizes eco-design, achieving lead-free MWT module by abandoning soldering materials, helping solve the module recycling issues, which will reduce the great burden for module recycling in the future(currently over 35 million tons of modules have been installed worldwide). Therefore, MWT PV modules have significant environmental advantages.

Social Responsibility

Sunport Power, as a disseminator of green energy and a practitioner of green development, will continue to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities, and implement our mission of “providing high-efficiency and clean energy, improving living environment” with practical actions.