Technology introduction

The MWT is an advanced back contact technology to increase solar cell and module efficiency by eliminating the busbar on the front side, and deploy both positive and negative electrodes on the rear side.

  • Without busbars,decreasing shading area by 3%
  • 15W module power output higher than industry average
  • Eliminating the micro crack and degradation caused by string ribbons
  • Compatible with most of cell types including TOPCON, PERC, HIT, etc.

Why choose Sunport Power&MWT?

Sunport Power has successfully developed and patented high efficient solar cells and modules based on next generation MWT (metal wrap through) technology with GW-scale production capacity.

Technology Comparison

Compared with conventional module, MWT modules reduce 3% shaded area with no busbars. MWT module technology replaces string ribbon by conductive back sheet, abandoning strain, micro-crack and results power degradation, greatly improving stability and reliability.

— Structural Feature —


Positive and negative electrodes are both on the rear side of solar cell
Internal Structure Conventional


Positive and negative electrodes are located on both sides of the cell

— Cell Structure —

Cell Structure mwt


Busbar-free design exhibits higher power output by decreasing shading area up to 3 %
Cell Structure Conventional


Conventional design covers more cell surface from the main busbars, therefore the power output is limited

— Module Encapsulation —



Cells are connected through conductive foil without soldering, the 2D encapsulation structure reduces the series resistance and module operating temperature, achieving higher reliability.


Cells connected by string ribbons will cause strain and micro-crack which result instability and power degradation

Technology Roadmap

MWT is BEYOND a technology but a platform that is compatible with most of cell types including TOPCon, PERC, HIT, …… MWT is the most PROMISING technology in the next decades.

MWT Solar Cell Roadmap