Carbon Footprint Verification Helps Sunport Power Layout the Global Market

/ / 2022

Wuxi China, September 1st,2022 — Jiangsu Sunport Power Corp., Ltd. (the “Company”, or “Sunport Power”) one of the largest and most innovative MWT flexible solar module manufacturers in the world, today announced that it has been granted the carbon footprint certification for its lightweight Flexible Solar Module.

By adopting the international general carbon footprint assessment standards of ISO / TS14067 and PAS2050, and evaluating the overall environmental impact of the lightweight flexible solar module through “cradle to grave” all life cycle stages – from raw material processing through to product production, transportation, waste management and final disposal, covering evaluation fields of energy management, life cycle analysis, raw material and supply chain management etc. Sunport Power has delivered an excellent answer, which is far better than the industry benchmark.

According to the actual carbon emission data of the survey, most of the carbon footprint of the Sunport Power lightweight flexible module come from raw materials such as silicon wafer, which is the environmental protection issue that most PV companies have to meet. In order to solve this problem, Sunport Power has taken a series of actions such as using raw materials with lower greenhouse gas emissions instead, improving material utilization etc. In addition to supply chain management and continuous emission reduction in the transportation process, we strive to further optimize the carbon footprint of lightweight flexible solar module throughout its life cycle.

After the Paris Agreement, many countries have successively set carbon neutral targets. Reducing carbon emissions is a wide-ranging and profound economic and social systematic change. With Carbon Footprint Certification Sunport Power is expected to help French customers to apply for electricity subsidies from the French Energy Regulatory Commission not only for large-scale ground power plants but also for those industrial and commercial rooftop projects by using Sunport Power’s MWT solar modules.

Sunport Power will continue to provide environmentally-friendly, energy-saving solar products for the global market to contribute to the goal of zero carbon emissions.


Carbon Footprint Verification Helps Sunport Power Layout the Global Market