Sunport Opens the World’s First GW Factory of MWT-Back-Contact Solar Modules

/ / 2017

Nanjing Sunport Power Ltd. (“Sunport”) , a leading manufacturer with MWT core technology, announced that they commissioned their brand-new facility for the manufacturing of back-contact PV modules. This factory will produce an annual 3.3 million solar panels yielding a combined power supply of 1.3 GW per annum.
Sunport’s CEO Dr.Zhang said, “Back-contact modules come with substantial benefits. Thanks to our Eurotron production line that was already in operation, my clients already experience these advantages first-hand. Back-contact solar panels avoid capacity losses associated with shade and resistance in traditional panels. This means our clients generate more energy per square metre.”

Eurotron, member of Eurogroep, is a global leader in equipment for manufacturing of back-contact PV modules. Established in the Netherlands in 2005, Eurotron develops equipment for the back-contact manufacturing process in close cooperation with internationally operating tier-one clients.