Sunport Power attends the 2023 Tokyo PV EXPO

/ / 2023

The Tokyo PV EXPO was held from 15th to 17th March, 2023. Sunport Power brought its latest PV module products and innovations that are exclusively developed for Japan market to the show.

Sunport Power attends the 2023 Tokyo PV EXPO

As an island country, Japan lacks conventional power resource such as petroleum and natural gas, thus solar power occupies a considerable portion of its energy source. It is estimated that the total module volume will reach 90GW in Japan until the end of 2023. PV EXPO is the most influential exhibition in solar energy industry in Japan. To deepen the cooperation with the local distributor, Sunport Power showed its full black MWT glass module, full black flexible light weighted module, newly developed foldable solar panel etc. As a leading MWT brand Sunport Power booth attracted many visitors’ attention.

The 380W full black flexible module debuts in the PV EXPO for the first time. With 2.98kg/㎡ weight, 2.5mm thickness and 0.3m minimum bending radius, it has the feature of lightweight, thin, soft and flexible. The elegant full black appearance and high efficiency make it the best choice for residential, industrial, and commercial rooftops.

The newly developed foldable solar panel provides an integrated professional solution for special application scenarios of outdoor activities especially for camping, boating, travel.

As one of the leading technology developers, Sunport Power will continue developing more innovative and high performance products, which will help to win more clients’ trust.