The Flexible Module of Sunport Power applies unique Metal Wrap Through (MWT) technology as its fundamental. The MWT is an advanced back contact technology to increase solar cell and module efficiency by eliminating the busbar on the front side, and deploy both positive and negative electrodes on the rear side. Compared to conventional module, the

MWT: The Best Technical Partner of HJT

As the monocrystalline PERC back passivation technology has almost reached the hat of its conversion rate (around 23.5%), with an achieved efficiency of around 22.5% in batch production, the heterojunction with intrinsic thin-film (HJT) technology is widely placed most expectations for next generation solar cell technology in the solar photovoltaic (PV) world. Many believe HJT
The world’s first manufacturer on GW-scale for MWT PV module, Sunport Power announced recently that the company has optimized the S6 flexible module product which aims the growing BIPV market.
Sunport Power, a leading China PV module manufacturer, released three new products with MWT technology at the SNEC Expo: the C10 panel with higher efficiency and lower voltage, the C10-Pro panel with HJT+MWT technology and the M series of MWT bifacial panel.
Sunport Power: the First off-grid Solar PV with S1 module Taken into Operation
31, March 2021, Nagano, Japan, after four months installation and test, the first industrial off-grid solar PV project equipped with MWT light and flexible panels in Japan was taken into operation and started power generation. With help of the attached power storage system, this rooftop PV plant will provide the factory beneath with clean electricity
The Most Efficient Best Back-Contact Solution for PV
As the entire world heading for carbon neutralization to combat the grievous global warming, photovoltaic utilization is becoming more and more popular to make construction greener, or even its own carbon neutral.