Sunport Power: the First off-grid Solar PV with S1 module Taken into Operation

/ / 2021
Sunport Power: the First off-grid Solar PV with S1 module Taken into Operation

31, March 2021, Nagano, Japan, after four months installation and test, the first industrial off-grid solar PV project equipped with MWT light and flexible panels in Japan was taken into operation and started power generation. With help of the attached power storage system, this rooftop PV plant will provide the factory beneath with clean electricity for self-utilization.

“We realized a completely customized project in the process from the preliminary product design to later onsite installation. The factory’s colored steel tile roof with big gap and low-load bearing, due to the unconventional project requirements, we established a special R&D team right away and provided the customer a scheme with mature products and design in short time which proved a successful plan in following procedure.” Said by Dr. Shiliang Wu, Technical General Manager of Sunport Power. “To fulfill the actual installation conditions such as low-load bearing of the roof and big gap resulted less mount points, we decided to use S1, a small-sized light and flexible PV panel, with back glue application which made the installation easier and cost saving.” Dr. Wu followed.

The S1 panels which utilized on this rooftop are very unique PV module products developed by Sunport Power. With particular design refer to customer’s large gap on roof, the S1 panels supplied were in a long and narrow shape which can be inlaid in corrugated steel tile with back glue, and this not only saved support cost, but also made the installation more stable and reliable. And based on metal wrap through (MWT) technology, no bus-bar and welding strip exists on the front side of the panels. Attached special organic flexible polymer materials as encapsulation base and with particularly designed 2D encapsulation technology, the panel reduced thickness and weight (1.4mm only and 1.3 kg per unit) greatly and becomes more flexible. Additionally, because free of the welding strips by MWT technology, the S1 panel completely eliminates usage of heavy metal including lead which makes the product environmentally friendly.

“We have established a very good partnership with Sunport Power. They showed impressive working efficiency in the whole process from receiving our request to final installation. They also did great job in the panel production and delivery, especially in the difficult pandemic time of last year. We are very satisfied with their products and service.” Said by Mr. Maruyama, the general manager of the rooftop solar park.

“Differentiation is the foundation for the development of Sunport Power. Since the establishment, Sunport Power is devoted into research and development of differentiated technology, the MWT technology, to promote industry change with technology, and insist on providing “exclusive” products and service for our customers.” Said by Dr. Fengming, Zhang, founder and president of Sunport Power.

The completion and operation of this rooftop solar PV project in Japan not only highlighted the flexibility and resilience of the S1 PV panel, but also reflected the advantage of MWT based panel in deep customization in which to provide customers best solutions with higher efficiency and more applicable products according to practical application scenarios.